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Certified 700HR Yoga Instructor

with 10 years of experience

Alex has been practicing yoga for 10 years and teaching for 5 years

Originally from Switzerland, trained in the US and initiated to Yogahood in the Himalayas of Nepal, today she teaches Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda Yoga and SUP Yoga in Versoix & Geneva, Switzerland

Who is Alexandra?

She is a yoga instructor in touch with you and this world.
Alexandra a tri-lingual world citizen born into the corporate world and emancipated to the anatomical and metaphysical world of Yoga and Ayurveda. She will teach you and awaken you. A practitioner for 10 years and a teacher for half that time she is, certified with Yoga Alliance (RYT200 & RYT500).

Alexandra B.Leaver's first introduction to teacher-hood was in Boulder, Colorado, USA with Core Power Yoga, thanks to amazing yoginis, Steph Schwartz & Derise Anjanette. But it wasn't until Alex reached the Himalayas of Nepal and encountered Dr Chintamani Gautam in 2014, where the real discovery of self realization began. The abundant wealth of knowledge bestowed by Dr Chintamani, with his love for philosophy and mantra singing allowed her to mature into the teacher she is today.

Through the practice of 108 Sun Salutations, Pranayama before sunrise, Asana at dawn, in a rigorous environment surrounded by temples and auspicious sites, she discovered above and beyond what Westerners consider Yoga.

She was offered the amazing opportunity to stay on alongside Dr Chintamani and other renowned masters & scholars of the country such as Yogacharya Subodh Simkhada, Dr Bishnu Patel and Swami Padmasattva. She also spent many months intensively with both Dr Subodh, a professor of naturapathy and Dr Vishnu D Patel from the National Ayurveda Research Center in Nepal.

She then co-wrote the first YTT manual with other devotees and Dr Chintamani himself. Which, in turn, gave her the skill-sets and confidence to jointly conducted three 200hour teacher-training at Nepal Yoga Retreat & Academy, with Dr Chintamani as his assistant and official disciple. In 2015 she was invited by Yogacharya Subodh Simkhada to conduct another YTT, this time at Himalaya Yoga Academy.

Shortly after, she attended her first 10 day Vipassana which took pace right before the earthquakes forcing her to leave the beautiful Himalayas and grow on her own on an incredible island she discovered on the north shoulder of the Yucatan Peninsula, called Isla Holbox, where she started her own yoga business.
By 2016 she returned to further support and supervise ongoing YTT at the Nepal Yoga Retreat & Academy. That was her first time back after the devastating earthquakes of April 2015 and definitely not the last!

Alex since, is thrice a Vipassana old student, a Wim Hof fan, a 500hr + 200hr certified yoga instructor, and founder of aYOGAbeliever. She currently resides in , Switzerland where she offers, Ayurveda workshops, weekly lessons, Hatha yoga on Paddle Boards, and Alpine retreats.

Meet your teacher, Alexandra B.Leaver

Graduated and a certified teacher with both Yoga Alliance International and Yoga Alliance USA, Alexandra teaches more than just technique in asana and pranayama, she uses her Reiki hands to adjust her students, designs her courses based on the principals of Ayurveda and leaves you with a piece of food for vedic thought before you go on about your day.

In Alex's lessons you will find a combination of mantra, philosophy, silent-sitting practices in all her classes, in either French, English or Spanish, in a straightforward no-nonsense and loving fashion. While she is an ardent practitioner of Sanatana Yoga bestowed to her by Guru Chintamani in Nepal, she also teaches Ayurveda Yoga, Power Yoga and Yoga on Paddle boards ( summer months on Lake Léman).

Her classes end with a deep sound mediation or Yoga Nidra, and she will teach the subtle power of mudras.

Thanks to her international exposure of the modern yoga world, learning from yogis and masters from Nepal, Vancouver, New York, London and Guatemala, Alex combines traditional techniques with modern rhetoric making her classes accessible and philosophical at the same time and always with candor.

Alexandra has taught, and conducted retreats in Mexico and co-lead YTT in Nepal . She is twice an old student of Goenka's Vipassana teachings. She currently resides in Switzerland offering workshops and lessons around the continent in multiple languages.

Learning Curve

—  YTTs,  Mentorships & Workshops,


North America

Core Power Yoga
Intensive 200hr YTT
Stephy Schwartz

Vipassana Meditation Centre of BC
Vipassana 10 Day course (Meditation Silent retreat)


Nepal Yoga Academy
Satyananda Yoga 200hr YTT
Satyananda  Yoga 300hr YTT

Dr Chintamani Gautam

Himalaya Yoga Academy
Continuing Education in Ayurveda & Naturapathy
Dr Subodh Simkhada

Meditation Spiritual Science and Research Foundation
Reiki Level I
Reiki Level II
Swami Padmasattva

Dhamma Shringa Vipassana Meditation Centre
Vipassana 10 day course (Meditation Silent retreat)

Nepal Yoga Academy
Hatha & Ashtanga 200hr YTT
Dr Chintamani Gautam


Advanced Inversion Workshop
Athayoga with Kristian Karibu
February 2018

Mont Soleil
Vipassana Dhamma Sumeru
Vipassana old student course

Kundalini Weekend Intensive Workshop
March 2018, April 2018, June 2018
Amir Jaan

Anapana & Prana Workshop
March 2019
Claire Lalande

Backbends & Handstands
May 2019
Esther Fantys


Evia Island
Sunshine House
Thai Yoga Massage


Teaching Curve

—  Trainings,  Workshops, Therapies and retreats

Nepal - Bhaktapur

200hr Yoga Teacher Training
Teaching Yoga & Anatomy, and Inversion workshops

200hr Yoga Teacher Training
Teaching Yoga & Anatomy, and Inversion workshops



Switzerland - Geneva Area

Ayurveda Yoga
SUP Yoga
Yoga by Donation
Power Yoga
Hatha Kriya
Meditation lecture
Ayurveda Workshop
Alpine Retreat
Yoga for Fighters
Yoga Ayurveda Therapy
2018 - 2019

Canada - Vancouver

Yoga Therapy for Women
Private hands on tailor made private lessons for women and Teenagers

Isla Holbox

Satkarma Detox Retreat
May 2017
Ayurveda Yoga Retreat
June 2017

Holistic Holbox Tours
Paddle Board + Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation + Kayak
2015 - 2017

Mini Yoga for Mini Yogis
Yoga workshops and lessons for children about the Bagdava Gita, yoga for balance & fun, meditation and kriya for concentration


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