VATA Vikruti

Unlock the mystery of what is stopping you from your full optimal state.

Vata Vikruti

The Imbalance of the Doshas, known as Vikruti, is a sign of lack of health, vitality and enjoyment.

Signs of Vata Imbalance

physical pain
variable appetite
dry skin
irregular menstruation
being prone to distraction
weight loss
teeth grinding
fast speech

Vata Unbalancing Factors

Hectic times, windy days, excessive repetition, Harsh long winter season. Overworking, accidents, suppressing urges or overly expressive, repeated fasting. Consuming in large quantities foods with pungent, astringent and bitter flavors.

Most diseases, but not all are a manifestation of  a dissemblance of Vata, misunderstanding and misinterpreting a situation, dressing, or eating non appropriately to the current season, and taking on tasks when our body’s need rest. This is often translated on the emotional level into a form of fear often frustration, overthinking, restlessness or anxiety. A very common and general example is the moment we have the flu and take time off work and dread the workload that is waiting for us.