Thank you for taking the test

Thank you for taking the Dosha Test at aYOGABeliever,

The result you will find are presented to arouse curiosity not to highlight downfalls. To teach you how your body communicates with you and help you heal autonomously and find a holistic and harmonious lifestyle.


Thank you for taking the Dosha Test

at aYOGABeliever the mission is to show that self-sufficiency leads to self-realisation.

My wish is for you to cultivate the tools and wisdom to know what is best for you through Yoga and Ayurveda.

aYOGAbeliever is your resource to a better healthier life where I offer yoga lessons on water and land, private sessions for deeper and stronger or more therapeutic purposes, as well as consultations for all your specific needs.

My goal is to help you grow not for you to rely on  anyone, unlike a therapist or coach. I teach you to be your own coach  and can support you and accompany you until you


For a more detailed explanation and specific recommendations if you feel very out of balance from your Dosha described and wish  to get a better understanding of your imbalance known as Vikruti, I highly recommend scheduling a private lesson or consultation with me.