Alexandra teaches regular lessons at:

Let's Go Fitness, Eaux-Vives, Geneva & Versoix - Hatha & Kriya Yoga
Aliotis, Rive - Ayurveda Yoga
Domaine Sans - Souci, Versoix   - Hatha and Ayurveda Lessons on donation (Summer )
Plage de la Bécassine, Lac Léman, Versoix - SUP Yoga (Yoga on a Stand Up Paddle Board) (Summmer)



Hatha Kriya & Flow Yoga

Practice looking over the lake and the Alpes!

A class sequenced in the traditional style of yoga with a modern touch of flow allowing all levels to find their challenge while remaining kind to the body and reaping the therapeutic effects of a yoga lesson.

This class is taught in English and in French
Open for all levels!

Mats provided

Tuesdays @930AM

Let's Go Fitness, Eaux-Vives


Mondays @9AM
Tuesday & Thursdays @6:30PM
Sundays @10AM

SUP Yoga

Yoga + Water = Strength + Poise

I will teach you to read the water, listen to your breath and synchronize your entire being to your own vibration so you can find balance in your poses and in your mind and develop a toned body and a strong core.

Board & Paddle provided

Friday & Saturdays (by RSVP)

Sport & Nature, Versoix

Ayurveda Yoga

A yoga class designed to bring out inner balance and outer poise; a holistic calibration of your whole body and its systems. Discover the law of nature through Ayurveda yoga!

This is a yoga sequence composed of an assiduous selection of poses designed for a universal audience, no matter your dosha prakriti neither your Guna nor your yoga level!

Find your inner purity and experience a total harmonization of body and mind with time and space.

Mats & Props provided

Monday @7PM

Centre Aliotis, Rive