Finding the epicenter of your balanced self


In Ayurveda, the whole cosmos, the planet, the seasons, diseases, and a person’s constitution depends on their particular configuration of doshas, which is known as Prakruti in Ayurveda.

The Prakruti of any individual is given a lot of importance in Ayurveda. The term actually means "original creation.” The Sanskrit prefix "pra" means "original" and "krti" means "creation". A person's Prakruti is the inherent balance of the three doshas at the time of their birth. It is at this moment that a person's physiological and psychological tendencies become fixed. 

These three Dosha can be seen as the vitalising forces of life. When they are balanced, health, longevity, serenity and clarity are the natural outcome.

Vata manifests as intuition
Pitta as motivation
Kapha as consistency

As the three Dosha of an individual's constitution (Prakruti) , influence and determine the body’s functioning and structures growth requirements, and even emotional and psychological reactions, they can also go out of balance. Identifying the nature of the imbalance is vital to find harmony. The nature of imbalance is called in Ayurveda Vikruti.