This is straightforward Yoga. Just your experience of breath and movement guided by high quality instruction. Simply be in comfortable clothing and leave the rest to me!

The basis of all classes at aYOGAbeliever whether be yogasana or meditation is breathing: to consciously breath, is the first step to stamina, self reflection and observation. Meditation and Yoga is the second step where through the practice, your personal understanding of unconditional love and kindness begins to emmerge.


7PM @Aliotis - Blvd Helvetique 30
Mondays & Wednesday

All levels most welcome!

Instruction FR/ENG

Harmonize your body and mind with the whole cosmos!

In Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga, each dosha, is a humor, a mood, a set of characteristics, like the seasons, and the planets, and the same applies to you and your yoga practice.

Balance your doshas with this complete sequence that is designed to address Kapha, Vatta and Pita within us, regardless of your dominant dosha, this sequence allows for a holistic calibration of your whole body and its systems.



10AM Sunday
9AM Monday
630PM Thursday

@Lets Go Fitness - Versoix

All levels most welcome!

Instruction FR/ENG

Experience yoga in a luminous studio with a panorama over the lake and the Alpes fully equipped with props to support your practice no matter your level.

Hatha & Kriya to salute the sun or surrender to the moon.
This lesson is designed to calibrate your nervous system to counteract the stress of city life.

A perfect way to find that hidden vitality and your untapped will power!

Be amazed and surprise yourself at your own aptitudes in asana and dhyana and experience a moment for yourself to count your blessings



Tuesday& Thursday

@Lets Go Fitness - Eaux - Vives

All levels most welcome!

Instruction FR/ENG

A class sequenced in the traditional style of yoga with a modern touch of flow allowing all levels to find their challenge while remaining kind to the body and reaping the therapeutic effects of a yoga lesson.



930AM @Lets Go Fitness - Paquis
Every Wednesday

Intermediate & Advanced Level

Discover your untapped potential. Experience a vibrant dynamic lesson to give you strength and balance and raise your determination and will power.



Hatha Yoga lessons for all walks of life taught by an old student of Goenka's Vipassana, these teachings are given simply and clearly in an open and welcoming space.