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Role Models

Dr Chintamani Gautam -  Yoga Master in Nepal and Founder & Director of Nepal Yoga Academy.

An excellent teacher of Yoga and Mantra (with a wonderful sense of humor unlike most Gurus)! Dr Chintamani has been a major influence for me; he shaped most of my understanding of Yoga philosophy and what it means to be a teacher and inspiring Yogi of the Satyananda Tradition and Sanatan Culture. I became his disciple in 2014 and since he has been a solid pillar in my learning process for which I am forever grateful. His YTT are authentic, dense and life changing. I hghly recommend them!


Swami Padmasattva (Mohan) - Usuis Reiki Ryoho Master at Meditation Spiritual Science and Research Foundation in Nepal

Simply a giant beam of light and kindness, who gave me my first introduction to Usuis Reiki. He inspires me to keep going deeper in mediation, and thanks to his support I keep returning to do Vipassana 10 day courses. His words and support remind me never to loose faith in humanity and the power of the mind, no matter what.



Swami Yog Subodh - Founder of Himalaya Yoga Academy

An exceedingly resourceful Yoga Master and disciple of Yoga-Maharashi, he introduced me to the science of Ayurveda and Naturopathy and completely changed my approach to understanding food, the planet and the cosmos.  It is thanks to Dr Subodh I teach Ayurveda Yoga. I highly recommend his YTT especially if you are intrested in Naturapthy.



Steph Schwartz & Derise Anjanette - My very first yoga teachers and mentors during my first YTT in Boulder, Colorado at Core Power Yoga.
Steph will tap right into your inner frequency with her harmonium and open you up to a calm and centered self you didn’t even know was there, she has amazing videos too on Gaia.com! Derise and her incredible worldly experience and our mutual love for Senegal showed me what it means to be a firm yet compassionate teacher.

Nassiba Charif - Founder of Aloetis Wellness Memember Card. She is a  mistress in wellness and entrepreneurship in the Geneva area! She always has an answer and if she doesn't she know someone who does!

Amir Jaan, Malta - A powerful Kundalini Yoga Teacher that knows how to get your mindset back on track! He also has the most uplifting and moving library of music reminding us that inspiration is everywhere and to stay creative!

Kristian Karibou, Austria - An inspiring modern yogi who practices in jeans! But he certainly knows his stuff! Thanks to him and Athayoga in Zurich, I master my inversions today!

Misha Steiner, Canada - She builds the best yoga sequences in class and has a lovely voice. She showed me how sequence building brings strength to the body but also to will power. Her lessons got me to the next level of asana practice, subsequently it brought a ripple effect into some of my hardest life choices I made. I am very grateful to all that she has taught me. I discovered her at Semperviva but you can find her everywhere in Vancouver!

Zain Saraswati Jamal, Canada- A kundalini goddess that offers incredible lessons built on Hatha Asana and traditional Kriya. Her style is the closest to mine that I have yet to encounter in the West. An inspiration and a deity.

Dr Bella Mody- My biggest role model in academia and in humanity. This woman taught be to brave and vigilant. Thanks to her I became published before graduating university in one of my previous lives.

Vipassana - a life and sanity saver. I have the fondest memories of the center outside Kathmandu that shares the grounds with a Buddhist monastery giving it its reputation for being particularly strict but all the more authentic . The center in British Columbia is amazing too, a luxury by standards! Next on my list is to discover the one in Mont Soleil, Switzerland.

Patricia Lluvia - The empress of dancing your monkey off your back! She is a healer and a shaman. She leads Chakradance ceremonies all over Europe and she has healing hands to give you the most transformational massages ever!

Etella - a star. My mother, my sister, my friend from previous lives. She is the one that got be to see the power of Reiki, thanks to her I met Swami Padmasattva in Nepal. She is an avatar and the kindest person I know. So powerful and so pure. She is a big advocate in immigration law and changes people’s lives everyday for the better.

Nicci - a bundle of Joy. The most creative and inspirational lil lady I know, she is the one who kicked me in the butt to start my business solo. I would never have gone as far as I have had without her inspiration, willingness and patience. She is an incredible writer ( book pending publication) and the most uplifting person to be around. She has been around the world, we crossed paths in Nepal, she open my eyes to Ani Choying Dolma before she set off to go tour with a circus, and au-pair twins in New Zealand.


Best Reads

l'Ésprit du Yoga, Ysé Tardan- Masquelier

Tu es Cela, Arnaud Desjardins

Yoga Darshan, Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

Yoga and the Quest for True Self, Stephen Cope

Trust, Osho

Courage, Osho

Yoga of the Sacred Fire, Dr Frawley

The Secret of the Golden Flower, Richard Wilhelm

The Space-Born, Manly P. Hall

Journey to the East, Herman Hesse

The 4 Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz

Island, Aldoux Huxley

Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari

Longitude, Dava Sobel