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Hatha Flow

Hatha Flow


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A morning class of Hatha Flow to salute the sun, count your blessings and start the day invigorated.

Geneva, Eaux Vives - Let's Go - TUES & THURS 930AM

This lesson is designed to calibrate balance in your Pitta (digestion, the core and your optimism, manipura chakra), through maintaining a healthy Agni.

A perfect way to find that hidden vitality and your untapped energy source!
Be amazed and surprise yourself at your own aptitudes!

Sequenced with Asanas  (poses) that affect the navel area, strengthen gastric fire (Agni) and stimulate digestion, the liver, and spleen. 

At the same time your  core, arms and legs become toned progressively while building flexibility in the pelvis and shoulders.

Closing the lesson with a restorative Shavasana, (a supine relaxation session) accompanied by Tibetan Singing Bowls or aromatherapy.

You will not only be exploring various ways of performing the practice to detoxify the body while building up strengthen and concentration, but also understanding on a subtle level the effects of holding poses combined with mudra.

This class is taught in English and in French
Open for all levels!
Mats provided

Geneva, Eaux Vives - Let's Go - TUES & THURS 930AM