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Romina Go
Alex was one of my teachers in Nepal, while doing my yoga teacher training. I was very lucky to learn from her. She’s the perfect combination of East meets West, bringing the best yoga practice to the Western world. Her energy is amazing, and she’s great at knowing what each student needs.

Amal Mbarki
I have been attending Alex's yoga classes the last couple of months. I have been extremely pleased. Alex is an excellent teacher with a lot of patience, she explains well the postures and always have time for you. She is a beatiful person and you always feel so energized after her classes. I would definitively recommend Alex to anyone wanting to try yoga, or who already has some experience. You'll be in safe hands. Merci Alex pour tout.

David Kong
Alex is an Exceptional teacher, great advice on health and postures.

Romi Godoy Nicolicchia
I loved it. My first time ever doing yoga and I felt so comfortable and peaceful.

Angel Ayala
A wonderful experience! I did yoga on a paddle board and I have to say that it was wonderful to feel my body being one with the power and peace of nature. Alex is a wonderful person, instructor and guide. I highly recommend it

Liz Cruz
Alex has a good vibe and is an excellent teacher...she is a free spirit and creates an atmosphere very much in keeping with her class.

Arthur Loris
A good teacher teaches what they know, a great teacher teaches what the student needs. By carefully diagnosing the details I was overlooking, she completely changed the way I understand postures I previously believed I had mastered.
A must for anyone wanting a solid fundamental base or trying to get to the next level.

Michel Annen
Had met this teacher in Nepal and had a few lessons with her. It was amazing how heartfelt she act and the way she see and correct faults in alignment! After she guide us through Yoganidra we weren't some where else but rather deep inside touched.

Nesta Marley
Met this teacher after a trip to Nepal.. Alexandra is an amazing soul full of love and light with infinite wisdoms to offer any student when they are ready to expand. Thank you again !




Michalis Gerakios
Any of you thinking about joining, well, you don't have to. Just join.
Alexandra doesn't need credentials, you just have to meet & practice with her.
Go for it!

Estela Lutero
Alex is an inspiration, she is so determined to bring bright light and high intensity energy into one body that it is impossible not to feel her immense vibration. She is vast in her dreams and caring in her manners. A very special yogini. Lucky you to have the opportunity to be around her.

Nathalie Gillot
We took a few beach yoga sessions whilst on holiday in Holbox with LuLu. It was the first time for my husband and I think he's now a convert. We both really enjoyed it. LuLu is a great teacher. Each session was fun and challenging and we left feeling energised, relaxed and stretched out. Highly recommended!

Virgine Dubois
I met Alexandra in Nepal, she is an amazing teacher full of light and love. She has huge knowledge about yoga, ayurveda, anatomy and much more and she loves teaching and sharing, always with a beautiful smile and energy. She really inspired me as a yogini and woman. Thanks a lot

Arbs Gurung
Let's see where do I start about this wonderful human being. The high regards I hold her is only restricted by the limits of my vocabulary. During my YTT in Nepal within weeks, she took me from the comfort of the shallow shores of my own limitations to the deep ends of the oceans of my consciousness. Her ability to communicate and guide you through the practice of asanas, pranayama and meditation is uncanny, perhaps the best experience I have ever had. As humans we tend to remember how we felt at certain moments in our life forever, and one of those moment for me was the time Alex guided my class through yoganidra meditation. This was an experience I'll never forget, it gave me a glimpse of the potential out there for us to be fully immersed within ourselves for our inner liberation. This was an experience I had never felt before but Alexandra guided me with ease and comfort, her ability to do is second to none. She is experienced, knowledgeable, excellent communicator(multiple languages) and an excellent overall yogini. I am forever honored to be her students and I am privileged to be calling her my guruma!


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