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Sattwa Rajas Tamas

The quintessential of Ayurveda - The little details that make a huge difference


What are Sattwa, Raja & Tamas?

…To understand the Steps of Evolvement

When we understand the qualities of life, nature, and thought through the Gunas, we can clearly understand the different levels of evolution of the various thinking and behaviour states of ourselves and the world around us, time and time again.

Sattwa - The state of balance and harmony

when predominant it influences us towards purity happiness and knowledge
Attributes: peace and tranquillity – deity and purity – meditation and prayer - charity and selfless work -  foods like honey, fruit, and seeds

Raja - The state of activity and productivity

when it is the most active it influences us towards the passionate pursuit of satisfying our desires for sensual enjoyment
Attributes: karma and action with good intention and justified motivation – ambitious and prosperous – foods like legumes and strong spices

Tamas - The state of darkness and inertia

which derives from ignorance, and influences us towards heedlessness for example of the needs of others laziness and sleep .
Attributes: urge to take rest before finishing a task or laziness – excessive  and indulgent – violent or negative language and behaviour – sensational pleasures – foods that are fried greasy, spicy and stimulants like coffee and alcohol.

Remember we are a mixture of these three Gunas just as we can find these three qualities in nature, time, food and types of interactions.

“Nature posses a qualitative energy through which we can either expand into wisdom or contract into ignorance “

You are a masterpiece and a working progress
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In this fast-paced and sensation-driven society we are literally pulled, lured and pushed from this side to that.
The various techniques of yoga, breathing and meditation as well as the intake of various foods help us maintain our stability to minimize the effects of being pulled and pushed by the Gunas in our daily environment and interactions. Always keep in mind, evolution is perpetual, everything can change, your Guna too, along with your mindset, your health, your habits and your relationships.